Automotive Technology

About the Department

The Automotive Technology  was one of the specialization courses of the program Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology  from 1976 to 2007. Due to the  increasing numbers of students who wants to take up  the automotive technology course, the stakeholders specially the  TOYOTA MOTORS as one of the linkages  of the College  suggested for the re-alignment of the BSIT-Major in Automotive Technology into a program that may further enhances the ability of the students with regard  to automotive high-end technology, and that can cater more students who are qualified to enter in the program.

Hence, the administration,  with the assistance of the faculty and staff, spearheaded a further study involving the stakeholders like the students, parents, alumni, retirees and industry linkages for the possible realignment of the course into a program. A proposal was formulated  in  2007 and presented during the special college council meeting on October 26, 2007. The proposal was approved by the  council and was endorsed for presentation to the University Academic Council meeting. The  said proposal  entitled "Re-alignment of the B.S in Industrial Technology major in Automotive Technology into Ladder-type Bachelor in Automotive Technology” was finally approved by the MMSU Board of Regents during its 80th regular meeting at CHED Central Office on March 17, 2008 under  Board Resolution No. 953, series 2008,  effective during the First Semester, School Year 2008-2009.

 During the first three years of operation of the program, its management was still attached to the BSIT. When the  program (BSIT) underwent again a Re-Accredited Status (Level II) for the period from September 23, 2001 to September 22, 2006, the BAT program documents was included and carried the evaluation result of the BSIT program titled a RE-ACCREDITED STATUS (LEVEL II) which was awarded by the Accrediting Agency Of Chartered Colleges And Universities of The Philippines (AACCUP) Inc. in November 12, 2012.

Program Offering

Bachelor in Automotive Technology

Program Objective

This is a four -year ladderized curriculum designed to train automotive technologist, engineering technicians and entrepreneurs for supervisory and managerial positions to meet the needs of automotive industries and to generate employment in the field of Automotive Technology Specifically, the program aims to produce professional automotive technicians who are able to:

  1. use techniques, skills and modern technological tools necessary for professional                                        practice.
  2. keep abreast with developments in technology
  3. carryout managerial and supervisory tasks.
  4.  communicate effectively to the society the various technological projects and the benefits that can be derived from it.
  5. practice the profession ethically and  responsibly.
  6. know contemporary issues and its implications to society
  7. act as a member or team leader to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments by applying management principles.
  8. pursue lifelong learning for personal and professional growth through varied experimental and field-based opportunities.

Awards/Recognition of the Department/Program

  • Certificate of Program Compliance given by CHED RO1, 2015.
  • Contents Noted by CHED RO1 of the Revised Curriculum, 2018-2019